At Payline by ICE, we understand that purchasing in a foreign country is not something that people normally do every day and, as such, can often be a time-consuming and stressful process. Whether it be real estate, vehicles, recreational items, or even on-going payments, our expertise will ease the process and ensure smooth transactions. From helping you with the right questions to ask the seller, to keeping you in the loop step-by-step as the funds are sent off, Payline works to make the transaction simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Banks often charge wire fees ranging from a flat rate of $20-$75 to sometimes even a percentage of how much you’re sending. Payline by ICE provides this same service for a flat fee of just $10. In addition, we work with both you and the recipient to determine the most cost-effective way to send a payment in order to avoid unnecessary bank charges for the recipient when wiring funds.

Our level of expertise and industry expertise allows Payline to provide its clients with rapid innovative solutions for all their foreign exchange and international payments.