Our Mission, Vision & Values


Payline by ICE endeavours to educate companies and individuals alike, that there exists a stable, efficient and local alternative for transacting internationally. By doing this, we aim to save our clients money to be reinvested back into their businesses and communities.


Payline by ICE offers enduring value to our clients through accessible, convenient to use tools and products that allow them to save money on their foreign exchange and international payments.  Good people and good partners are crucial in delivering this value in a way that matches our clients’ preferences.


At Payline by ICE we are proud to be:

  • Client-oriented, professional and service-focused
  • Ethical, appreciative and respectful
  • Entrepreneurial, flexible and solution-oriented
  • Local, stable, and secure


Payline by ICE has an entrepreneurial culture built on teamwork, an ethical approach to business, and a commitment to contributing positively in the community, We meet clients where, when and how they like to do business- for transactions that they would have to do anyways – and we provide clients with a convenient alternative that saves time and puts money back in their pockets.

We recognize that international payment transactions are out of the ordinary for many people. Our clients can look to our experience and personalized service to minimize the stress that can be associated with these transactions.

Payline by ICE is committed to doing our part to ensuring a better financial system by taking seriously the threats of fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.  We recognize that by adhering to, or exceeding, industry regulations we play an important role in creating a more secure customer experience.

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