International Payments

Payline by ICE has the ability to execute international payments in all major currencies as well as a number of exotic currencies, and possesses the expertise to ensure that they get there reliably and quickly.

We work with our clients, wherever possible, to ensure that the banking information provided by their vendors is accurate and can provide for the funds arriving promptly, safely and cost-effectively. Once verified, these instructions are locked in our online trading platform and accessible from a simple drop-down menu. This eliminates the need for re-keying, and therefore drastically reduces the opportunity for error.

Unlike most banks, when purchasing the currency from Payline by ICE, our clients are not charged high fees or service charges for sending payments.

Payline by ICE recognizes that vendor management is a crucial part of business, and we offer features to streamline and assist this process. Our system allows for automated email notification when a payment for a vendor is created in our system, as well as when it is released. In many cases, we can even work with clients to avoid their vendors being charged fees for receiving wires.


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