Multi-Currency Accounts

All of our corporate clients have access to Payline’s correspondent bank accounts around the world, allowing them to seamlessly receive in funds in other currencies. Whether it be a customer wanting to pay in Korean Won or a vendor rebating you in Euros, Payline is equipped to allow your clients to pay you in their own currency, while assisting you in pricing and mitigating the currency fluctuation risk.

Additionally, all of our corporate clients have access to hold funds with Payline in a multitude of different currencies. Should you receive in Euros as payment from a client, you have the option of converting immediately, holding until the exchange rate improves, or holding the funds and sending them back out in Euros as payment for a purchase. Your account balance in any and all currencies will be conveniently available online 24 hours a day. You’ll also have access to a detailed history of transactions in that currency.

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