Payline is proud to partner with Telpay as the engine behind their International Payments Module.  The two companies have been working together for over 8 years now, and continue to grow the number of currencies offered and allow for the efficiencies of combining domestic and international payables, all through a single portal.

This partnership allows customers to get competitive live market exchange rates for payments in most currencies, while being able to avoid costly wire fees charged by most financial institutions.  Payments flow from the customer to Telpay, and then through to Payline by ICE, who ultimately sends out the International payment.  Together we make international business easier, more cost-effective, and accessible to businesses of virtually any size. 

Telpay is a Winnipeg-based provider of electronic payments with over 30 years in business and will process over $16.9 billion in payments in 2015.  Their services help businesses add great efficiency to their payment processes by eliminating outdated practices such as printing and mailing cheques to vendors, while allowing for controls and authorizations and being compatible with all major accounting systems.  You can learn more about our valued partner at www.telpay.ca.

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