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Payline by ICE provides our clients with the dedicated expertise of a boutique brokerage with the stability of one of the world’s most respected foreign exchange specialists. A dynamic partnership of Payline Financial and ICE International Currency Exchange, Payline by ICE delivers the benefits of a reliable, convenient and cost-effective range of foreign exchange and international payment services.

A Canadian owned and operated company, Payline by ICE operates in the highly regulated Canadian financial services industry and implements the highest standards of regulatory compliance and reporting.


Personal Service

At Payline by ICE we understand that purchasing in a foreign country is not always a common occurrence and one that can often be a time consuming and stressful process. Whether the purchase or sale of real estate, vehicles, recreational items or even ongoing payments, our expertise will ease the process and ensure smooth transactions. From helping you with the right questions to ask the seller about banking information, to keeping you in the loop step-by-step as the funds are delivered, Payline works to make transactions simple, efficient and stress free.

Payline by ICE will also work with you to understand different strategies for fulfilling your needs – strategies that fit your risk-tolerance and individual situation.

  • Perhaps you find yourself building a home in the USA and know that you’ll need to make instalment payments over the next number of months.  Payline can work with you to reduce or minimize the impact of exchange rate fluctuations or discuss past trends and upcoming potential influences on the exchange rate.
  • Maybe you’re a seasonal traveller and want to have access to fund bank accounts wherever you are.  Payline can work with you to provide easy access and settlement processes that will allow you to move funds with an email, phone call or logging in to our intuitive online platform.

 Whatever your needs, the dedicated staff at Payline by ICE will develop and implement  solutions that fit your needs and offer value.


Cost-effective Solutions

Tired of paying fees and service charges?  Why should you be charged for service?  At Payline by ICE, not only do our competitive exchange rates typically save clients significantly over those offered by banks or credit unions.  Savings of 1% – 2% or more can add up quickly when making larger purchases or recurring payments.

In addition to savings at the time of purchase, we also consider the timing of your purchase.  While no one has a crystal ball, Payline account managers are actively watching the foreign exchange markets daily and are eager to share information that might assist with the timing of transactions.

  • Have an inheritance coming from the UK and need some information about how the British Pound has been trending?
  • Perhaps you have an upcoming vehicle purchase in the USA and want to understand the best options for cost-effectively getting the seller the funds in a timely fashion?

Payline can assist with these challenges and many others, saving you time, effort and money.


Convenient and User-Friendly

Payline by ICE prides itself on the simplicity of our process, developed with our clients in mind. For those that like the convenience of a 24 hour system, you’ll receive private access to our easy to use and secure online platform giving you the ability to convert currencies and initiate international payments.  Or, for those that prefer a personal contact, you’ll have direct access to our team of foreign exchange specialists. Whether by phone or email, you’ll be able to give specific instructions to execute transactions on your behalf and have an extra set of eyes watching the markets for you.

With access to all major and many exotic currencies, Payline makes it easy for Canadians to send funds to family members abroad.  Through the use of pre-authorized debit facilities, we make the process simple from start to finish, allowing you to book a transaction, send a payment and settle funds, all in one easy step.


Forward Contracts

Payline by ICE differs from traditional banks in many ways, one of which is our willingness to put a variety of foreign exchange tools to work, to help our clients mitigate their risks.  The most common example of this type of scenario is the client who has a known future need but doesn’t yet have access to the funds for conversion or won’t benefit by converting them right away.

Forward contracts allow you to lock in the exchange rate on a particular amount of currency for a particular date or window of time, thus giving you absolute surety in terms of the price you’re paying for the currency.  You have cost certainty, but at the time of booking, only need put down a refundable deposit.  You don’t pay for the funds until you need them, keeping them in your possession with the ability to work for you.

An example could be purchasing a property with a closing date months away or perhaps cashing out a foreign currency investment in six months time and needing to bring the funds back into CAD.  For the extremely risk tolerant, you could wait and take whatever rate the market is offering on that day, months into the future, but for those that prefer to have a little more price certainty, there are other options to add stability.

Payline account managers work with our clients to understand individual risk tolerance and structure solutions to meet those preferences, adding the right mix of stability for you.


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